About us

Who we are

Honeymill is not your typical production services company. Honeymill, is a hybrid working model that bridges the gap between Ideas and execution, merging advertising, production, and artist management into one complete in-house process.

Our soul ambition is to create opportunities for our ever growing circle of talent, while serving as a creative problem solver for brands, agencies, networks and production companies.

Honeymill’s roster consists of a tight-knit colony of South America’s brightest creators specialising in illustration, design, animation, artful live action, VFX, and post production.

We’re Honeymill, and we’re here to help.

What we do

2D + 3D Motion Design // Animation // Creative Live Action // Broadcast Branding // Commercials // CGI // VFX // Simulations // Art & Design Direction // Script Writing // Print // Concept Development // Music & Sound Design // Character Design // Art buying // Consultancy

The Honeymill difference

Many Rep Agencies are run by sales staff with little or no production or creative knowledge. By contrast, Honeymill has a dedicated Creative Director and producer team that gives you guidance rooted in deep technical expertise and hands-on creative experience. We’ll talk through your brief and consult with our network of talent to bring the most innovative and cost-efficient production solution to every project.

The people behind Honeymill

Honeymill is helmed by Paul Bennell, who brings his big agency experience and global relationships to curate each project from the creative process through every aspect of execution. Having worked as an art and creative director for 20+ years he has a keen insight into what you go through each time you search for the talent to work on your project.

The other members of the team are Executive Creative Producers, Esteban Cuenca, and Ben Adams Combined they share over 40 years experience and have completed over five hundred productions, from short TV idents to multi-million dollar campaigns and everything in between. Our dedication and professionalism ensure delivery of the highest quality productions on time and on budget, without compromise.

How we work
  • 1. DISCOVERY PHASE Understanding the project objectives.
  • 2. CREATIVE APPROACH Consult on the best team to deliver your project successfully
  • 3. STRATEGY & PLANNING Designing a plan to reach your desired outcome.
  • 4. 24-HOUR DESIGN PRODUCTION With production centres in Sydney and Buenos Aires we are able to play time difference to our advantage - We work while you sleep.
  • 5. CREATIVE DIRECTION Working alongside our creators, we oversee the creative process to ensure your brief is met.
  • All projects are backed by our experienced local and offshore production teams.
The Hive

The Hive, our sister organisation, is a Sydney-based collective that delivers world-class, strategic creative thinking, should you need creative input as well as a production resource.