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A character-driven creative studio, specializing in 2D cel animation.

Club Camping’s Creative Director is basically a one-man band, animation-wise. Throughout his career, he has worked in every stage of the animation process, so he’s in a great position to lead the team. 

That’s also why they are able to undertake projects in fullfrom storyboard and design to final compo. They will work on the animatic, carefully planning where and how to approach each step in the process. Sometimes they’ll set up files in a previous compo or create 3D layouts for a 2D animation.  Every project is a puzzle, and they always take their time to find the best way to assemble it.

The team is made up of some of the best illustrators, storyboard, animation and compo artists from Latin America, and they’re proud to say they all have a love for detail, finish and an impressive sticker library to display.

They take production very seriously,  and their coordinators and line producers never miss a note or any feedback. Also, the team loves them—and secretly believes they are supernatural creatures.

Headquartered in Buenos Aires (Argentina), they also have offices in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Santiago (Chile), but they work with clients all over the world.



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    The legend of Pedro Rodríguez for Porsche

    Tartarus | Shortfilm

    IQ for Morgan Stanley

    360 Vinyl Junkie tour for Facebook

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