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Lamano is an independent, creative and innovative CGI studio based in Santiago, Chillie. Their work usually mixes different techniques, where the direction of art, creation of characters, illustration, CGI, photography, post production, animation and different types of mixed techniques give each project a unique and authentic style.

Represented in Australia New Zealand and Asia regions.

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    ‘Fate is Capricious’ for La Primitiva

    95 Years for MG Motors

    Dental Floss for Colgate

    Weapons for Pehuén Books

    DiaTribe for FCB Health NYC

    Evil Chili Powder for Chipileta

    Fantastic Cruises for Viajes El Corte Inglés

    GSK Rheumatoid Arthritis for FCB Health, NYC

    Finger Lickin Good for KFC

    Rotten Planet for OCA

    Mozzie Coils for JWT, Beijing

    RA for FCB Health USA

    Run-Flat Technology for Bridgestone

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